Tijuana Flats Summer Beach Run

Jacksonville Beach Seawalk Pavilion

Saturday, August 17, 2019

5 Mile at 6:00 PM | 1 Mile at 6:05 PM

Race Results

This race has ended. Check back soon for race results. 2019

About this Race

The Summer Beach Run is an official Jacksonville Grand Prix Event.

The Jacksonville Grand Prix is a series of Jacksonville’s best road races. These races are top quality, established events. The courses are measured accurately. Each event offers race results to their finishers, and they are conducted by groups or individuals that have experience and expertise in the field of road racing. As a participant in a Grand Prix event you can rest assured that you are running a worthwhile race.

For more information about the Jacksonville Grand Prix click here.


Race Features


» Prize Money
» Colorful Running technical tank tops
» Large Seashell Finishers Medal
» Free Tacos from Tijuana Flats
» Live Band
» Free Beer


The first Summer Beach Run was held in 1965 when the Beatles were taking the US by storm. Long hair with long sideburns was the rage, and we had not yet put a man on the moon. The first event consisted of 25 to 30 runners who were taken by truck to the starting line at Hannah Park. There were only men running the race that year. Most were high school cross country runners getting ready for the season. The race is those days was a straight shot down the beach to the Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Station. The Seawalk Pavilion would not be built for another 40 years. Last year over 1,500 runners and walkers celebrated the 55th running of the event. After the conclusion of the run, a huge post-race celebration will be held featuring a live band, free beer, and tacos from Tijuana Flats.

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Entry Fees

5 Mile1 Mile
Through July 31st $25$12
August 1st - August 16th $30$12
Race Day$35$15

Sorry, there are absolutely no refunds!

» JTC Running members receive $2.00 off through August 16th!

Friend Get Friend $5.00 Refund Program

When you register online you will receive a unique code in your confirmation email. Pass that code along to friends and tell them to use the code when registering and you will receive a $5 refund each time someone registers using your code.  You can have your full entry fee refunded using this program. Invite your friends now! You must register by August 10th to receive code and friends must sign up by August 13th to receive refund.



You will receive race instructions the week of the event. These will include your assigned race bib number and your selected pickup location where you will need to pick up your race packet.  The email will also contain updated information for the event including parking instructions. Be sure that our 1st Place Sports emails are not going to your junk folder to ensure that you receive this important email.

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Online registration closes early. After online registration closes, you can still register in any 1st Place Sports store or on Race day.

In person:

You can register at any of our 1st Place Sports stores on our in-store computers with no processing fee.

Packet Pickup

Packets will be available for pick up at your selected 1st Place Sports locations on Thursday, August 15th from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Friday, August 16th from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. All packets will be moved to the Jacksonville Seawalk Pavilion for raceday pick up starting at 4:30 PM.

Baymeadows Store: 3931 Baymeadows Road, Jax, FL 32217
San Marco Store: 2018 San Marco Blvd., Jax, FL 32207
Tapestry Park Store: 9823 Tapestry Park Circle, Jax, FL 32246
Jax Beach Store: 424 S. 3rd Street, Jax Beach, FL 32250

1 Mile Fun Run

One Mile Fun run starts at 6:05 PM at 5 mile starting line. The race is out 1/2 mile and then back to the finish at the start area. Medals will be given to all children in this event.


Cash awards of $150, $100 & $50 will be paid to the top three men and women overall.

Beach towels will be given to the top five men and women overall, the top three masters male and female finishers, and to the top three finishers in each of the following men’s and women’s divisions: 10 and under, 11-13, 14-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65 -69, 70-74, 75-79 and 80 & over.


All 5 mile finishers will receive a large custom designed seashell finisher medal.  One mile fun run finishers will receive a fun run medal.


Arrive early to avoid parking problems. There is a large parking lot between the Seawalk Pavilion and Carrabba’s Italian Grill, but they charge to park. Once this lot is full, you will have to look for parking spots farther from the starting area. The later you arrive, the farther away you will have to park.

Towing in the Wachovia Bank Parking lot is being enforced even though the bank is closed.

JTA has the Beaches Trolley that runs up and down 3rd Street between the South Beach Parkway Shopping Center and the Atlantic Village Shopping Center. Ride cost: $1 each way. On Saturday during the summer, it runs until 2 a.m. and hits numerous stops about 20 minutes apart. So you’ll have lots of party time after the SBR Party is over!!

As always, the streets are a free for all; park responsibly and don’t get towed!!


The 5 mile and one mile course is out-and-back on the beach. Both races will start heading south. Digital clocks will be located at each mile. The turn-around point will be clearly marked with signs and cones. Water stations will be located at each mile. The race will be held near low tide to ensure adequate beach for all runners.


We would like to once again, welcome Tijuana Flats as the title sponsor of the Summer Beach Run. Tijuana Flats will be providing free food to all participants and beer to all legal age participants at the Seawalk Pavilion right after the race. The Hard to Handle Band will be featured! Stick around after the race and enjoy the evening. The awards ceremony will start at 7:45 PM. Prize money will be awarded to the overall winners, plus beach towels will be given to age group winners.

Previous Winners

Year Male Winner Time Female Winner Time
1965 Del Lewis 26:49.0 none
1966 Del Lewis 28:42.3 none
1967 Ken Misner 28:04.7 none
1968 Ken Misner 26:17.5 Glena Mackey 44:18:00
1969 Ken Misner 23:26.9 Mary Harden 49:00:00
1970 Ken Misner 25:54.5 Kathy Ford 43:43:00
Jack Bachelor 25:54.5
1971 Jack Bachelor 25:30:00 Jacquelin Priestley 37:53:00
1972 Bill Blewett 27:41.9 Margaret Tolbert 36:39:00
1973 Ken Misner 24:17:00 Emily Cade ?
1974 Dennis Skelton 24:54:00 Janis Gage 34:53:00
1975 Barry Brown 26:18:00 Pam peterson 41:00:00
1976 Tim Simpkins 26:33:00 Janis Gage 31:58:00
1977 Ken Misner 24:07:00 Janis Gage 30:24:00
1978 Wally Rodriguez 25:33:00 Laura Ledbetter 31:44:00
1979 Mike Wachholz 26:35:00 Darien Andrea 32:39:00
1980 Mabry McCray 25:39:00 Darien Andrea 30:54:00
1981 John Rogerson 23:59 Laura Ledbetter 29:50:00
1982 Benji Durden 24:09:00 Laura Ledbetter 28:49:00
1983 Mabry McCray 24:34:00 Jane Millspaugh 30:32:00
1984 Dennis Stark 24:58:00 Donna Combs 30:46:00
1985 Mike Wachholz 23:52 Lanier Drew 28:33:00
1986 Dean Matthews 25:27:00 Lanier Drew 30:39:00
1987 Peter Gamble 25:41:00 Betsy Veronee 30:34:00
1988 Ron Borsheim 27:19:00 Kelly LaDuke 30:11:00
1989 Declan Doyle 26:01:00 Lisa Emery 29:47:00
1990 Mark Kathman 26:42:00 Lisa Emery 31:37:00
1991 Earl Stoner 24:46:00 Monica O’Reilly 28:31:00
1992 Earl Stoner 25:20:00 Wendy Frazier 29:13:00
1993 Mark VanAlstyne 26:38:00 Beth Michael 30:53:00
1994 Jon Dennis 25:54:00 Patty VanAlstyne 30:22:00
1995 Rick Patterson 26:01:00 Sylvia Fisher 31:43:00
1996 Rick Patterson 26:25:00 Kimberly Bruce 29:52:00
1997 Randy Hollinger 25:45:00 Cathy Vasto 28:53:00
1998 Mark VanAlstyne 26:12:00 Kim Pawelek 29:33:00
1999 Said Diri 28:33:00 Donna Garcia 30:13:00
2000 Brian Fleischmann 27:48:00 Kim Pawelek 29:25:00
2001 Lee Yaracs 26:34:00 Kim Pawelek 29:13:00
2002 Owen Shott 29:04:00 Kim Pawelek 30:26:00
2003 Zeph Joseph 25:52:00 Kim Pawelek 29:28:00
2004 Jerry Reckart 26:39:00 Garin Glenn 30:27:00
2005 Josh Johnson 28:06:00 Michelle Krueger 32:47:00
2006 Owen Shott 27:55:00 Kim Pawelek 31:31:00
2007 Justin Jacobs 27:50:00 Kim Pawelek 30:17:00
2008 Justin Jacobs 28:04:00 Sopagna Eap 30:31:00
2009 Justin Jacobs 27:12:00 Kim Pawelek 30:06:00
2010 Chris Mutai 27:17:00 Lindsay Sundell 28:59:00
2011 Rich Tremain 29:21:00 Liubov Denisova 30:30:00
2012 Fabian Manzano 29:45:00 Kim Pawelek Brantly 32:34:00
2013 Stephen Pifer 27:17:00 Kim Pawelek Brantly 30:30:00
2014 Jeremy Criscione 26:57:00 Svenja Meyer 31:23:00
2015 Chris Mutai 26:33:00 Audrey Maheu 30:26:00
2016 Matthew De Villers 27:16:00 Kim Pawelek Brantly 31:30:00
2017 Chris Mutai 27:17:00 Lauren Scott 31:19:00
2018 Justin King 29:00:00 Val Kline 34:15:00